Why promote a soccer player or soccer manager?

Dr. Ab. Paulo César Morocho E.

Founder and CEO since 2013 of the Allmedgroup Corporation Business strategy leader, CEO, CFO of multiple companies in the United States, Europe and Latin America. "...by profession a Doctor and Lawyer, by vocation Writer, interested in Altruism and Developer of technologies and by birth: Visionary, but I would like to be considered as a Permanent Entrepreneur" CEO of the L&M INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL CONSULTANT. Author of the books The Football Industry and the Footballer's Guide Book

Sports promotion seeks to enhance the reputation of the footballer.
It is important to point out that I mention potentiating and not inventing things that the footballer does not have, that is cheating.
Now, why do we say that promotion enhances the reputation and not the technical characteristics or the results of the footballer?
It is necessary that we understand that reputation is the result of everything that the athlete is, reputation tells us in short if it is good or not to relate to him.
Although sports reputation is an intangible that we cannot value very well in a negotiation or when a brand bets on hiring an athlete, that is why there is an analysis behind reputation, but that is a topic for another publication. .
But, the interesting thing about reputation is that nobody knows the real value, until they are affected by something. When I talk to people I tell them that it’s like health, we can’t say how much our health is worth, but when we get sick, expenses for medicines, medical consultations, tests appear and they even talk to you about changing your lifestyle and that sadly you’re going down a path that It is not very good, because that happens exactly when the reputation “sick”.
Now there are two ways to manage reputation, one is to do things right from the beginning, I mean from the age of 12, where they train you how to manage and grow your profession as an athlete; and the second is to promote it if we have not had the expected success. This rule is not always followed, as many athletes have been successful without being promoted, but they are particular cases and should never be taken as the rule but as the exception to proper management.
As a summary we can say that the promotion is an aid to show the athlete, it is like making a call to the world of sports saying that HE IS ALIVE.
As in all things, there are two ways to do it, with external professionals who do the work or do it with our work team, within FÚTBOL MAN we work in both ways because we think that the objective is to help things turn out well , leaving aside the behavior “of the petty professional”.

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